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The Atom Series

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Hinged blade design - more flexibility than traditional plastic designs
High Wear Resistance
More customisation - allows for up to 8 blades per ring set
Faster Assembly - No Screwdrivers Required

Downhole Geophysical Sonde Centralizer

A low cost solution, without the compromise.

Tested and proven in the tough and demanding conditions of the Australian mineral exploration industry on a variety of downhole tools: including optical and acoustic televiewers and full-wave sonic tools and other tools that require centralization.

Designed for Safer Tool Retrieval

The tape-on design allows for the centralizer to pull free from the tool with less force than the clamp-on design. Should the tool be needed to be pulled free, the centralizer can be dropped in the borehole without causing extra damage to the tool housing and sensors, that a fixed clamp-on design would cause. 

Standard + Custom Sizing Available

We manufacture and supply a range of blade sizes from 3 inch to 20 inch and all sizes in between. 

Rings can also be suited to each tool size, currently, we supply rings for 40 mm, 42 mm, 52 mm, and 60mm sondes.

Custom sizes can be made to order for both blades and Rings.

Contact us today for a Quote.

The Atom Series Centraliser is proudly partnered with Geosensor Wireline

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